Thursday 5 March 2015

Broads Hireboat Operator to Re-brand as Broads Authority

Robertsons, one of the Broads' longest established holiday companies, has announced its intention to rebrand itself as The Broads Authority.

The move follows a number of high profile collaborations between the 2 organisations including a joint presence at the London Boat Show in January and the Excel Travel Show last month. This week, the Authority launched the Robertsons Broads Eating Out Guide, which Officers are confident will be widely promoted by Robertsons' industry competitors.

A spokesman for the famous hire boat operator said "Having signed an exclusive long-term sponsorship deal with the Broads Authority, it seemed entirely natural that we should take over the name - especially since they aren't using it any more, having rebranded themselves as a National Park earlier this year."

Other Broads businesses have subsequently wondered why they weren't asked to bid for the name, but the Authority's spokesman, Dr John Pikeman, confirmed that an exhaustive protocol for ensuring best value for the public had been followed in agreeing the deal. "Robertsons asked us before anyone else did, and we said yes" he explained.

Robertsons' plans for the Authority include a TV channel, last minute discounts for late payment of tolls and wrapping the Yare House offices in a giant pirate ship mural.


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