Friday 23 January 2015

Broads Authority drops plan to become a National Park

Boat owners and residents are reacting to today’s news that the Broads Authority has formally dropped its long-term ambition to become a National Park.

Members also voted overwhelmingly to reject the introduction of the Sandford Principle – now or in the future.

The news was greeted with dismay by some hard-core conservationists, who fear that the move will result in an explosion of hire boat numbers, the destruction of important habitats and the dualling of the A47.

Having agreed that the area would not become a National Park, the Authority was asked to decide whether it should be referred to as one anyway, because National Parks are often seen as A Good Thing amongst visitors. Members were assured that, although this ‘rebranding’ was intended to encourage tourism, it would be unlikely to result in an actual increase in visitor numbers and would merely improve the quality of the existing visitors – thereby resolving the apparently conflicting demands of the holiday industry and conservationists in one simple stroke of genius.

Some navigators remained unconvinced by the announcement, pointing out that you can’t believe anything that the Broads Authority says, ever. I couldn’t possibly comment on this.

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  1. Well done, raised a big smile on an otherwise fairly gloomy day.